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What we have to offer you?

Box Office Computers is dedicated to providing your dealership with a cost effective hassle free savvy solution. For your website to be affordable we have created a dynamic web-shell with the added advantage of offering each dealership branding, content, customisation and variable investment options. You will own your own domain name and easily manage your  website independent from any outside reliance or interference whatsoever. In the light of the current South African economy you need to grow your business, presence, performance and profits?

How to use this Website: -
Helping you to better understand what we offer, this website has been created in two divisions.

The first " AUTOsavvy ONLINE  Explainedallows you to make an informed decision. In this area we include the likes of:-

Why a website, Choices on offer, Features, What you get, a Flowchart explanation, Q&A - Answering common questions, Installation procedures, Screen shots, an Enquiry form, Tell a friend, Marketing tool Tips,  and Social media Savvy.

The Second " AUTOsavvy ONLINE Live Preview"

A fully operational Demonstration website showcasing how your website would be presented, together with all features and menu items active.

Introduction to the advantage of using AUTOsavvy Online – Your own Dealership Web.

Yes – You may already showcase vehicles on 3rd Party sites, however at what cost?. Some are free while others cost a fortune allowing one to only showcase vehicles, but not inform and educate customers of additional benefits your dealership offers.

You could make use of the 3rd party sites with the advantage of including a link to your own website, allowing users to enter your virtual showroom where you have the advantage of your very own silent salesman “Web” introducing all your stock including additional Branch stock. Not only is Dynamic pricing present, but the likes of Finance, Insurance, News, Trade in facilities as well as Purchasing, Referral features and Google search engine inclusion.

You would manage your Website by way of a easy to use front‐end “ No iT experience necessary”, resulting in an Up-to-Date website ALL THE TIME, EVERYTIME.  “ Your own Self managed dealership website ”

Being a Single or Multi‐branch dealership you can showcase all your stock 4 Sale – No limitations.

  •  An independent Dealership website registered in your name

  •  Own brand customisation options.

  •  Networkable – Allows for additional workstation website management.

  •  Dealerships and branch enquiries are received separately with a copy dynamically sent to Head Office.

Why advertise vehicles & compete on public sites when you could bring buyers into your own online showroom? 

Considerations if you already own a website? 

  • Is your website stock easy to manage? 
  • Do your vehicles exist on 3rd party sites? 
  • Are all enquiries protected from SPAM? 
  • Can you Showcase / Slideshow 1‐8 photographs ? 
  • Does it allow for Ad‐Hoc Stock?
  • Is dynamic special vehicle pricing present? 
  • Does it offer in‐house or 3rd party finance?
  • Does it offer in‐house or 3rd party insurance?
  • Can you get stock reports of your online vehicles? 
  • Can you prepare stock offline for bulk upload? 
  • Can users send a comprehensive Vehicle request? 
  • Does your web offer a Trade‐in facility? 
  • Can users request a test drive or service? 
  • Can users forward stock specs to other potential buyers? 
  • Can you manage your own Newsletter / Promotion? 
  • Does it offer a Buy‐In facility? 
  • Does your web offer users comprehensive search criteria? 
  • Does your web allow for multiple‐branches? 

All fast & efficient features listed are standard and may be customised suiting your business profile.

A feature rich, functional, easy to use, licensed savvy website owned and managed by your dealership.


An  understanding of  what we offer your Dealership

Live Preview of the look and feel of your website

Populated with false vehicles and their respective pricing




NB: Allow Pop Ups
&  Compatibility view
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 Updated Wednesday, December 07, 2016

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